How to Duet in TikTok? 5 Easy Steps to increase your popularity

1 minutes read

The TikTok App is a world-wide sensation with millions of active users across the world. Tiktok allows you to make short 10 second videos (can be longer if you want) that let you express your creativity how you want. It can be a dancing video, a voiceover video, even some sort of tutorial video.

As long as it is interesting, creative and engaging, the video is bound to succeed and get views! Besides having great content in the form of videos, it is also important to grow your audience by taking part in TikTok duets. Certainly, many of Tiktokers are wondering how to duet with a voice on tiktok. In this article, we`ll find out.

TikTok video duets allows you to make one shared video via the app itself with another tiktok users, basically it allows you to make two videos at once. If you manage to find another Tiktoker with a big audience and make a very good video with him, there is a good chance that a certain percentage of his audience will start following you! Great double screen videos on Tiktok also has a big chance of getting featured on the app, thus, bringing in even more views and new tiktok followers! Thousands of users of the app make duets on a daily basis, but many of them fail because they don`t know how to duet a video on tiktok in a right way.

Last updated on: 17 February, 2021